Making a change

Having a baby is such a miraculous joy. After a long 9 months of anticipation, there is nothing to compare with the first moment you see your baby face to face. You feel so much love, and a fierce protectiveness for this tiny human being who depends on you for his/her every need.

Although it can be easy to let life revolve around being a new Mommy, it’s also important to take some time out to yourself a few times a week for an hour or so so that you don’t get completely worn out.

Habits are formed over time; most people have found success with making a healthy change if they commit themselves to the change for 21 days. Why not start a new habit of exercise? This can be a great way to release endorphins, get more energy to take care of your precious baby, and shed some of those pesky baby pounds that just won’t fall off by only breastfeeding and eating healthy.

Fitness Boot Camp offers a 21-day kickstart program that offers 2, 3, or 4 times weekly semi-private training sessions with a professional personal trainer who will watch your technique and form and make sure you are making the correct movements for maximum muscle building and weight loss. They will encourage you when you hit a plateau and feel as though you aren’t making any progress, they can change up your exercise routine so that you don’t get bored, and most of all act as an accountability partner, helping you commit to the change one step at a time.

Your uniquely designed program might contain a combination of cardio and weight exercises depending on your goals and fitness level, utilizing the correct tools to get the job done.

So while you are enjoying watching your little one grow, don’t forget to take some time our for yourself, your baby will benefit with having a happy, healthy Mommy!

Parenting in today’s society

Any parent will tell you that it is not easy. There will be days that you want to throw your hands up in the air and say, “Enough! I’ve had enough! I can’t take it anymore!” But there are laughter filled days where you can laugh with your kids and truly have fun with them. Add to that the joy of watching them grow and thrive under your care, learning and expanding their knowledge and abilities on a daily basis, that is the beautiful part.

But I feel that there is more judgment in today’s society. Breastfeeding Mom’s have been put down because they don’t use a cover in public; or a parent corrects their child in the store, library or mall because the kid’s behavior is to the point that it can’t wait until you get back to the car. There seems to always be someone who says that that is not right. Children should not be treated that way. The message is that parent’s shouldn’t be allowed to parent their child.

The media has gotten so involved in our every day lives that we are afraid to be a parent. We are afraid to breastfeed in public even though it’s a beautiful, natural thing because it could show up on social media with fingers pointed and blame laid. We are more cautious about grabbing our wayward child’s arm because it can be misconstrued.

I say let parent’s be parents, kids are happier and healthier with boundaries, and as long as they know that you love them, that is all that truly matters.

The joys of Motherhood

Ah the joys of motherhood, bringing your sweet, brand new baby home and getting the wondrous pleasure of getting to know your newborn, adjusting to the lack of sleep, and beginning a new routine around baby’s schedule.

After a month or so passes, reality begins to set in that some of your baby weight may not come off as easily as you were hoping. You are having great success with breastfeeding, which does help shed some pounds, and hefting a diaper bag and infant car seat can help a little with weight loss but you are still having trouble losing the last few (or in my case, 30) pounds that were gained during pregnancy.

One thing you can do is get out and exercise. This is so good for our mental state as well as our physical state, because as much as we love our little cherubs, they can be exhausting and at times overwhelming, so getting out even once a week is a great idea to clear your head and get your strength back, which is so important!

If you are looking for a gym, fitness bootcamps in Ann Arbor is a great option. They offer semi-private trainers as well as private trainers, and they have great weight loss bootcamps available for those who qualify. They will first do a physical assessment and find out what your goals are; then they can target an exercise program that will work for you.

Loving on your baby is a wonderful thing, but loving your body, mind and spirit is also a necessary and important thing too.

Tips for Improving milk flow

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way for a new Mom and her sweet baby to bond. It also raises a lot of questions; am I doing this right? Is my baby latching on correctly? Why does it feel like I’m not producing enough milk? Those were all questions I asked as a brand new Mom and I wanted to make sure I did everything perfect for my new son.

But sometimes it takes longer to establish a proper latching technique, and sometimes baby falls asleep during nursing. This is a normal part of the learning process; seeing a lactation consultant can be very helpful if you feel as though your baby isn’t getting enough milk, or doesn’t seem to be gaining weight quickly enough. The lactation consultant will have hours available at the hospital to weigh your baby, check how baby is latching on, and can offer you reassurance and tips on ensuring a proper latch and ways to help you increase your milk supply.

One thing you can do to increase your milk supply is frequent feedings. Don’t be worried about the clock, go by what baby needs, give yourself time to just enjoy being a new Mom and feeding your child as frequently as they need to. After a while, a routine will become apparent, you will notice times of day that baby likes to eat, and how often will be figured out later as well. Remember that baby is learning too and it’s nice to know that you can learn together!

Parenting in the winter

In the spring, summer and fall in Michigan, there are always plenty of things to do with kids.  Long walks, going to the beach, visiting the orchard, playing on the playground are just a few things that are fun to do during those seasons.  So what about winter?  I personally am not a huge fan of winter, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and if I have no place to go, sitting by the window watching the snowflakes drift lazily down is very peaceful.

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