To cloth diaper or not, that is the question.

 Much debate swirls around on the Internet about whether you should cloth diaper or not. For some people it’s a very easy yes or a very easy no.

But I think for at least a select few it’s not a glaringly easy decision to make. For myself, I was really interested in cloth diapering for a variety of reasons. It wasn’t to be the greenest mama on the block, but part of my motivation was definitely eco consciousness. I also liked the idea of an investment in diapers that I could reuse and the potential for saving money in the long run. And after all I was raised in cloth diapers. If it’s done been done before it can be done again! Continue reading To cloth diaper or not, that is the question.

If I could go Back in Time

If I could jump back into the Wayback machine, I’d tell myself to relax a little bit. Especially after returning to work I was a stressed-out mama. In fact I would say it was returning to work that triggered the stress. All new routines, and bottles to clean. It was overwhelming. I did resume seeing my personal trainer in Ann Arbor and honestly that was one of the smartest things I did! He happen to have a sister who was a mom, and he totally got the new mom life. It took me a while to realize how inefficient I was being about prepping bottles and breast pumping. And when I have baby number two, someday, I will be much better off. Of course, now I’m a seasoned mom! Continue reading If I could go Back in Time