A little Spring time Diversion

So far I’ve brought you all kinds of mom stuff and (hopefully useful) survival guides. Of course more of that to come! But I had to take today to rejoice in the outdoors! My peony plant recently bloomed and it had at least twice as many blooms as last year, so I couldn’t be more delighted! When we first moved into this house we were overwhelmed with the yard clean up that was needed. We live in a rural area but not too far from Ann Arbor, where a friend of mine lives. She recommended an Ann Arbor landscaping company and we were glad to know they serviced our area too!

They were timely and gave us an estimate for the work by coming and visiting in person to give the quote. They helped us identify flowers from weeds and even gave us a few tips on how to keep them up. They trimmed some tees for us and some really overgrown bushes too. When it came time to pay the bill, the charges matched the quote they gave us. I don’t know about you, but I appreciate when what I expect to spend ends up being the actual amount that I spend! No ‘add ons’ or fees, no extra expenses.

I might even say that they are partially the reason my peony looks so great this year! So I feel like give credit where credit is due!

We also have a lot of trees and shade. We practically live in the woods. With the few plants I can seem to grow, deer can be problematic since they want to eat everything. We got a few suggestions on types of plants that do well in the shade and that deer at least don’t prefer.  One strategy that seems pretty obvious now is to physically plant flowers and such close to the house. The deer, though almost domesticated, do seem to at least keep their distance from the house. So far this spring has me a believer!

Enough about plants and stuff…I know, that’s not why you visit my blog 🙂 Next week I will have a really awesome ultimate survival guide for you. And I promise, you will love it!

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