If I could go Back in Time

If I could jump back into the Wayback machine, I’d tell myself to relax a little bit. Especially after returning to work I was a stressed-out mama. In fact I would say it was returning to work that triggered the stress. All new routines, and bottles to clean. It was overwhelming. I did resume seeing my personal trainer in Ann Arbor and honestly that was one of the smartest things I did! He happen to have a sister who was a mom, and he totally got the new mom life. It took me a while to realize how inefficient I was being about prepping bottles and breast pumping. And when I have baby number two, someday, I will be much better off. Of course, now I’m a seasoned mom!

Today I wanted to share my wisdom and talk a little bit about how I became more efficient with breast pumping at work.

First things first, I would suggest keeping one set of spare pump parts at work. More than once I used my spare set. But that’s not efficiency in the way that I will be talking about it today.

For me, I was initially pumping into the little plastic bottles that screw on to the pump parts and then capping those. Then every evening when I got home I’d have to mix the milk. You see, when the rest milk sits in the fridge for a while the fat separates out.

Of course baby needs the fat the most! So I wanted to be sure to get everything gently mixed. Of course, you have to mix gently so that you don’t introduce air bubbles or denature any of the milk proteins. It took a long time just to do that. Then once everything was mixed I would transfer it to bottles for daycare to use the next day and if I had any extra it would go into freezer bags.

I eventually learned that it worked much better take only ONE set of the little plastic bottles that attached to my pump parts, and then after expressing milk into the small plastic bottle I’d transfer it directly and immediately into a baby bottle. I found some cabs for the bottles which eliminated any risk of bottle nipples leaking while in storage.

This meant I could skip the whole process of mixing milk and transferring it to bottles in the evening.

I know, it sounds really simple but it was huge for me. Not only didn’t mean time savings, it meant I had to wash less milk collection containers. That and I was already set up pretty much for the next day for daycare. All I had to do a swap screw caps on the baby bottle for tops with the nipple set up.

So my tip to you is look at how you’re pumping and how you’re transferring and try and cut out the middleman steps. It saves you time and dishes and maybe even a few tears of overwhelm. 

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