One thing I wished I’d known

Ok, I’m gonna go ahead and get personal here, because I think this is a very important subject.  When my firstborn arrived howling and shrieking into this world, I thought that I would use the ‘easy’ and most natural choice for feeding this new wonder in my life, which is of course, breastfeeding.  No one told me that as soon as my precious son latched on for the first time that my nipple would feel like it was being ripped off or that I would get a blood blister that wouldn’t allow me to feed him on one side.  And this was all in the first couple of feedings!

The problem is that in the beginning, it is hard to get a good latch, you have to have a lot of practice and patience.  I do definitely believe that breastfeeding is the best choice possible, and there is nothing better for your baby, but if I could go back in time, after my son latched on for the first time, I would have coated my nipple in Lansioh nipple cream.  I LOVED this cream once I finally discovered it and started using it.  It coats and protects your nipple, is completely safe for babies and it SOOTHES tender, sore skin after the feeding.

Lanisoh cream is 100% natural-preservative free, hypoallergenic and has no additives. It is thick and offers a protective barrier that lasts through the next feeding.  It is a little expensive, but I was able to use one tube for both of my kids, and I firmly believe it is well worth the money! Plus, it is the number one choice for lactation specialists and doctors.  I highly recommend adding a tube this wonderful stuff to your diaper bag when you are packing up to head to the hospital to have your OWN sweet bundle of joy.

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