Juggling it all

Everyone knows that having a baby changes everything, the schedule you kept before your precious cherub was born is now thrown out the window.

You are officially on baby’s time, and baby makes the rules!  I decided before my kids were born that I wanted to be able to breastfeed them if I could, it really is the best thing for baby and for you as well.

However, if baby needs to eat every two hours (on a good day, sometimes it’s more frequent!) and normally this can take up to a half an hour.  The chores have to be penciled in before and after feedings, and some days you just can’t possibly get anything done.

One area that I always let slide was my lawn and garden area. I had a child born in October and also one born in January, so there was snow to shovel and leaves to pick up.  If I could go back in time I would have used Green Landscaping of Ann Arbor to help with the outside chores I just didn’t have time for.

If I ever have another child, I will definitely consider it!

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