Parenting in the winter

In the spring, summer and fall in Michigan, there are always plenty of things to do with kids.  Long walks, going to the beach, visiting the orchard, playing on the playground are just a few things that are fun to do during those seasons.  So what about winter?  I personally am not a huge fan of winter, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and if I have no place to go, sitting by the window watching the snowflakes drift lazily down is very peaceful.

But Michigan winters can be long and bitterly cold, so when it comes to pulling my kids through the snow with a sled, making a snowman, or staying outside for a long time, I don’t enjoy it very much. One way I’ve found to have fun with the kids is with snow removal.  Sounds boring, right? It’s actually not at all! My kids love helping me clean up the driveway and sidewalks with shovels that are just their size and when they get tired of shoveling, they can play in the snow while I finish the work.

So no matter what season it is, there IS always something to do, even in Michigan!

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