Weight Loss Essentials

I don’t know if you are like me, but after having my two kids, I have let my body slide into ‘inert’ mode. I had my years of carrying around car seats and breastfeeding, which really helped lose the baby weight, but now that my kids are grown out of that phase, I am on my own to lose the weight and become active about my health again.

There is a great group fitness program through Fitness Bootcamp Ann Arbor that works on your overall health, utilizing nutrition and workouts that will help you all the way around. The program is called Weight Loss Essentials, which consists first and foremost of a physical assessment to see if you are ready for the sessions, or if having a personal trainer in a semi-private environment would be a better start.

The reason a personal trainer would be recommended first is because the Weight Loss Essentials program consists of high-intensity workouts, and if your body gets tired easily, this could cause fatigue and injury.  Building up endurance and energy is the best way to start. Especially because this is intended to change your health for the better for years to come, it’s better to start off slowly and build up to a more intense workout for optimum weight loss.

This is all about whole health, mind, body and spirit, so if you are ready to make the change and ditch the baby weight for good, then Weight Loss Essentials may be right for you!

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