Tips for Improving milk flow

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way for a new Mom and her sweet baby to bond. It also raises a lot of questions; am I doing this right? Is my baby latching on correctly? Why does it feel like I’m not producing enough milk? Those were all questions I asked as a brand new Mom and I wanted to make sure I did everything perfect for my new son.

But sometimes it takes longer to establish a proper latching technique, and sometimes baby falls asleep during nursing. This is a normal part of the learning process; seeing a lactation consultant can be very helpful if you feel as though your baby isn’t getting enough milk, or doesn’t seem to be gaining weight quickly enough. The lactation consultant will have hours available at the hospital to weigh your baby, check how baby is latching on, and can offer you reassurance and tips on ensuring a proper latch and ways to help you increase your milk supply.

One thing you can do to increase your milk supply is frequent feedings. Don’t be worried about the clock, go by what baby needs, give yourself time to just enjoy being a new Mom and feeding your child as frequently as they need to. After a while, a routine will become apparent, you will notice times of day that baby likes to eat, and how often will be figured out later as well. Remember that baby is learning too and it’s nice to know that you can learn together!

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