The joys of Motherhood

Ah the joys of motherhood, bringing your sweet, brand new baby home and getting the wondrous pleasure of getting to know your newborn, adjusting to the lack of sleep, and beginning a new routine around baby’s schedule.

After a month or so passes, reality begins to set in that some of your baby weight may not come off as easily as you were hoping. You are having great success with breastfeeding, which does help shed some pounds, and hefting a diaper bag and infant car seat can help a little with weight loss but you are still having trouble losing the last few (or in my case, 30) pounds that were gained during pregnancy.

One thing you can do is get out and exercise. This is so good for our mental state as well as our physical state, because as much as we love our little cherubs, they can be exhausting and at times overwhelming, so getting out even once a week is a great idea to clear your head and get your strength back, which is so important!

If you are looking for a gym, fitness bootcamps in Ann Arbor is a great option. They offer semi-private trainers as well as private trainers, and they have great weight loss bootcamps available for those who qualify. They will first do a physical assessment and find out what your goals are; then they can target an exercise program that will work for you.

Loving on your baby is a wonderful thing, but loving your body, mind and spirit is also a necessary and important thing too.

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