Parenting in today’s society

Any parent will tell you that it is not easy. There will be days that you want to throw your hands up in the air and say, “Enough! I’ve had enough! I can’t take it anymore!” But there are laughter filled days where you can laugh with your kids and truly have fun with them. Add to that the joy of watching them grow and thrive under your care, learning and expanding their knowledge and abilities on a daily basis, that is the beautiful part.

But I feel that there is more judgment in today’s society. Breastfeeding Mom’s have been put down because they don’t use a cover in public; or a parent corrects their child in the store, library or mall because the kid’s behavior is to the point that it can’t wait until you get back to the car. There seems to always be someone who says that that is not right. Children should not be treated that way. The message is that parent’s shouldn’t be allowed to parent their child.

The media has gotten so involved in our every day lives that we are afraid to be a parent. We are afraid to breastfeed in public even though it’s a beautiful, natural thing because it could show up on social media with fingers pointed and blame laid. We are more cautious about grabbing our wayward child’s arm because it can be misconstrued.

I say let parent’s be parents, kids are happier and healthier with boundaries, and as long as they know that you love them, that is all that truly matters.

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