Give yourself time

“Give yourself time.” Those three words are ones that I say to my kids all the time, especially when they are trying something new, like riding a bike. “Give yourself time,” I say, “Don’t get frustrated, you’ll get it. Just keep trying!”

But when it comes to breastfeeding, it’s easy to get so frustrated and worried if you can’t get your baby to latch right, and you have such painful, sore nipples after the first few latchings that it’s tempting just to quit.

But what if we said those same words to ourselves? “Give yourself time. You are a new Mom, and remember that baby is learning at the same time as you! Be patient, you’ll get it!” It is so important to be encouraging to a new Mom who is trying out breastfeeding. She wants to get it right but it has to be what works best for Mom and baby, so classes and books will only take her so far.

Be patient with yourself, God gave us a beautiful design: we can not only create and carry humans in our wombs for nine months, but we have the power to sustain them after they are born too! How incredible is that? But it’s going to take time, feel free to laugh at yourself and marvel at your tiny human, how they are able to get the hang of latching after being a day old, or two days old.

What I would recommend is setting up a place in your home, in the nursery or not; put on some soft music, set your Boppy around your waist, and settle in for nursing. You and baby can take a nice nap right there were you are after he or she is done nursing. Don’t worry about what needs to be done, there is nothing more important than this. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience! I had myself all tied up in knots with my first baby, I wasn’t doing it right, he wasn’t getting the hang of it, the dishes are stacking up in the sink, etc. It’s an endless merry-go-round in your head and it leaves you exhausted.

Just remember, new Mom’s, to give yourself time. Relax and enjoy your baby, and soak in the time you’ve been given with your precious miracle.

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