Parenting in the winter

In the spring, summer and fall in Michigan, there are always plenty of things to do with kids.  Long walks, going to the beach, visiting the orchard, playing on the playground are just a few things that are fun to do during those seasons.  So what about winter?  I personally am not a huge fan of winter, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and if I have no place to go, sitting by the window watching the snowflakes drift lazily down is very peaceful.

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To cloth diaper or not, that is the question.

 Much debate swirls around on the Internet about whether you should cloth diaper or not. For some people it’s a very easy yes or a very easy no.

But I think for at least a select few it’s not a glaringly easy decision to make. For myself, I was really interested in cloth diapering for a variety of reasons. It wasn’t to be the greenest mama on the block, but part of my motivation was definitely eco consciousness. I also liked the idea of an investment in diapers that I could reuse and the potential for saving money in the long run. And after all I was raised in cloth diapers. If it’s done been done before it can be done again! Continue reading To cloth diaper or not, that is the question.

A little Spring time Diversion

So far I’ve brought you all kinds of mom stuff and (hopefully useful) survival guides. Of course more of that to come! But I had to take today to rejoice in the outdoors! My peony plant recently bloomed and it had at least twice as many blooms as last year, so I couldn’t be more delighted! When we first moved into this house we were overwhelmed with the yard clean up that was needed. We live in a rural area but not too far from Ann Arbor, where a friend of mine lives. She recommended an Ann Arbor landscaping company and we were glad to know they serviced our area too!

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